free onling games

How to Find Free Online Games

The cost of playing games online can be expensive. There are several sites that offer free online games suitable for every family member, in a safe environment.

Major sites offer fun free games

Yahoo is just one of the major sites to offer free games online. Entertain yourself while playing games like Slot Buster, Inferno Legend, and your favorite bingo, video poker, board games, action and strategy games. You will be presented with offers to pay to play, but just click the ads off and return to enjoying your free game. Look for the “games” link on your favorite major site to find free, fun games for the entire family.

Search for the best free games

Most free games sites are easy to find when just entering a search for free online games. Do not be fooled, though; there are sites that look free at first glance but you quickly find there are limited options when you play the free version. Addicting Games, presented by Nickelodeon, looks like just a kids site when you visit for the first time, but further exploration will demonstrate that there are games suitable for all ages. Enjoy family games when you click the link to Shockwave at the top of the page and play one of the many puzzle, arcade, strategy or multi-player games.

Pogo is a site that offers free players many options to play almost all the games, unlike some other sites that have limited free player options. You gain points that add up quickly for every game you play. You can spend your points at the “mini-store” to customize your avatar or to enter daily drawings for cash prizes. The site also allows free players the opportunity to win random cash and merchandise prizes while playing any of the games. There are some games that are only open to members who purchase a membership, but free players will never be bored at the variety of free games.

Kid-friendly free games are available

One of the best options available when searching for free games that are suitable for the kids is the opportunity for finding educational game sites. The games are so much fun that your children may not even realize they are learning. Kids, parents and teachers will appreciate PBS Games. Learning opportunities are presented by specific grade levels on FunBrain. This is a fantastic option when kids need review. If your child is having problems with 5th grade math, for instance, have your child play 4th grade math games. It will help in memory and grasping concepts that the child may be having problems with. Games in math, science, reading and much more are available for kids in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. Parents and kids will enjoy playing free games on the “Playground.” There is also a page for teachers and parents.

There are other fun options available online to find free kids games that are fun and educational.

Be cautious of some free games opportunities

Some sites that offer free games will let you play the first few games then present you with the necessity for a paid membership to continue playing on the site. They may entice you with the opportunity to win large amounts of cash or expensive prizes if you just pay the fee. Choose your options wisely.

It is imperative to be cautious of game sites, especially when visiting for the first time. Never give your credit card or bank account information on any game site. If it is truly free, they do not need your financial information to verify your identity. Your free games may end up costing you a great deal if money suddenly disappears from your account. If the company is outside your residential area, your local police cannot file charges because they have no jurisdiction outside the area you live in. You would have to go to that area and file charges in the state or country the site is based in. A legitimate free site will usually verify that you are a real person and that your contact information is accurate by asking for your email address. You will receive a confirmation message and will be asked to click the link confirming that you are indeed a real person and giving truthful information. Another option that free game sites sometimes offer is the option to connect via your social media information. Be cautious about linking to game sites through social media, because you are then giving them access to your social media contacts and friends.

There are many options when searching for free games online. Be wary of scam sites or those that are not really free. When you know how to search for real free games, the entire family can enjoy a wide variety of fun and educational games online.